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Watch these hair transplant videos and see actual patients with our hair transplant surgeons. See what we do for our patients. Meet Dr. Matt Huebner,Dr. Jaime Rosenzweig, and Dr. Kevin Blumenthal who are full time medical doctors restoring hair for anyone suffering from hair loss! Schedule a consultation with any of our great hair transplants surgeons. Our free hair transplant consultations are limited and appointments to speak with one of our hair transplant doctors are needed. Then you will be able to speak with the doctor face-to-face either online or in person. (844)-327-4247 

How Much Hair Transplant Cost | Free OnLine Consultation.

Watch hair transplant videos featuring results at different stages ranging from Day 1 to over 2 years later. click here Click on any video to start watching!

Hair Transplants After 1 Year

Hair Transplants After 7 Months

Hair Transplants After 6 Months

5 Months After Hair Transplant Procedure

4 Months Results After Hair Transplant Surgery

3 Months Hair Transplant Surgery Results Videos

2 Months Hair Transplant Surgery Results

1 Month Hair Transplant Results Video

Click this link Laser Hair Therapy or (844)-327-4247 to learn more about Hairline Transplant 2019

Do you live near one of our hair transplant consultation offices? Check out the list below.

Boca Raton Hair Transplant Consultation Center 561-288-1419 

Surgical Facility in Fort Lauderdale Hair Transplant | 954-372-8824 

Fort Myers Consultation Center | 239-240-8856 

Jacksonville Consultation Center | 904-416-0514 

Jupiter Hair Transplant

Miami Consultation Center | 305-521-8663 

Orlando Consultation Center | 321-418-8221 

Stuart Hair Transplant

Tampa Consultation Center | 813-440-2598 

West Palm Beach Consultation Center | 561-899-4967 

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